~Korean Dramas~

My first post after a long time is about Korean dramas..

Funny huh?
But then again, I seriously love Korean dramas.
Love the plots, the choice of songs, love listening to Korean and my..
The casts.

My recent favorite is The Heirs.
Googled about it and found out the world,(not only me,ahem)
Are CRAZY about them as well.
After a tedious week at work, my best way to relax is to do nothing but watch this drama.
And then Youtube the songs the whole day.

A form of running away from reality?
A form of imagination running free?
A form of longing?

Whatever the reason...
I will stick with my Korean remedy for the time being.
No matter what you say. Bleh =P


Next Wednesday, 1st of August will mark the start of my training in the office.
The day when I have my own desk and laptop while my friends stay in the factory.
And two of my friends starting their work in the Sales and Marketing department in Tokyo.

Been getting so used to working in the factory that I have jitters working in the office.
Although I'm considered as still under training,
I was assigned a small task of booking the air ticket and hotel room to Taichung in September by the Sales department.
Oh yea, I'm flying to Taichung for a 7/11 food exhibition.
My job is to make a questionnaire, let customers try our product at our booth and let them answer the questionnaire.

Sounds simple but the booking process is hard when it comes to a company..
There are lots of procedures to follow e.g. you'll HAVE to book your flight and hotel through a travel agency, and after you have arranged everything you have to ask the General Affairs Department to MAKE the booking, while making sure you have hand in the documents stating when you are leaving, how much money you are going to use etc.

It's ok if you have a supervisor to watch over you to do these stuff in detail.
Mine just said "do the booking."
He told me about the process but not more.
You have no IDEA how much I freaked out having to make calls in Japanese.
On top of the proper business-manner-Japanese I have to remember,
I have to remember what details to ask, to confirm the price and date and report every process to my supervisor ASAP.
"What could be done today should not be put off tomorrow" Well, this sounds like my motto too so its fine..
"You'll have to FIND work to do and not wait for my orders only. I dislike people doing what they are ordered to do only"..yeah, but...am I not still under training, moreover, in a different department?!!! What if I made a mistake?!

Well, it sounds like my supervisor is really trying to make me "grow up" faster.
His words put quite some pressure on my shoulders but I guess it's part of the job.
 "Who gets to go overseas when still under training right?" "So you must leave a good result with this excursion to Taichung"
When put it that way, I guess all I can say is "haik...."("Yes sir")
I'm actually really happy to be given this chance.
The pressure I feel is actually a long lost feeling.
I missed it and I AM, weirdly speaking, enjoying it in a way..
Though my complains doesn't sound like it.

1st of August.
I'll see you soon.

~Current Job~

Today is a rainy Saturday.
A day I'm glad to be home,
A day where I can sit back and relax.

It has been a month since I started working,
And currently I'm working in the factory instead of the office.
Less stress but lots of physical work.
So I always end up tired by 8pm, going to bed before 10pm.

This is also the time where I sometimes ponder,
All these years of education,
Just so that I could work as a factory worker?
Even knowing that it's temporary,
A process before I go into something bigger,
But still, it scares me to think that I actually enjoy doing this,
Than to face the telephone calls I have to take at the office.

I'm going to be in the factory until August,
After that heading to the Quality control department,
Then 6 months at the Product Development department.
Next April, I'll be at Tokyo branch, doing my training at the Sales and Marketing department.
Unlike my peers, my training is 2 years, while theirs is until this August.
I'm glad in a way, for training means there's more time for me to learn and prepare, and the responsibility and stress are less..
Or so I hope..

But, as a foreigner, it also means I have to do lots of translation work.
Unlike my peers who can go home and enjoy their GW holidays,
I spent my 4 days holidays doing translation work, both into Taiwan Chinese and English.
While trying my best to write daily reports in Japanese..

There are pros and cons being the first foreigner of the company.
I sometimes wish they could understand the struggle I have to go through,
But at one hand hoping they won't help me too much so that I could learn faster.
The irony of being me, feeling stress at the smallest task, gesture or even comments.

I just hope they won't put too much high hopes on me.
I'm not an elite for I knew friends at Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka university etc.
I'm just a normal Malaysian who happens to speak more languages than the Japanese do.
Put me back in Malaysia and I'm no different from any other.
I sometimes wish they wouldn't treat me too differently.
Though sometimes I wish they would.
Again, such irony being me.

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